Terms and Conditions

Due to abuse of the system we have had to limit part requests (via email) to a maximum of 3 every 72 hours, any further part requests will only be added to the database when SMS is used to receive replies. we apologise if this affects any of our legitimate customers.

Where abuse of the system is identified we reserve the right to prevent further access to the system by whatever means is appropriate.

Findapart.co.uk offer a used vehicle parts finder service using E-mail and the Internet to bring together buyers and sellers of used vehicle parts. Services provided by Findapart.co.uk shall be on the basis of an agent (Findapart.co.uk) who will advertise the service provided (a used vehicle part locating service) in relevant publications, will collect and collate data from customers (the customer or the client) via e-mail, internet or telephone and will pass on such data as is deemed necessary to provide all registered and fully paid up used vehicle parts suppliers (the supplier) with sufficient detail to further the sale or disposal of such used vehicles or parts as required from clients of Findapart.co.uk

Findapart.co.uk will use its best endeavours to pass said data to fully paid up suppliers on an immediate and regular basis. Data will be forwarded to suppliers in the form of electronic mail and will consist of enquiries from customers requiring used vehicle parts, for the vehicles manufactured by manufacturers specified by the suppliers (at the time of setting up an agreement between individual suppliers and Findapart.co.uk) and currently listed at the time the enquiries are received by Findapart.co.uk. The agreement between Findapart.co.uk and the supplier may change from time to time, as either Findapart.co.uk or the supplier may deem necessary. All agreements will be effective only on written approval by both parties.

Findapart.co.uk's involvement in any transaction or further communication with customers will cease on the transfer of any data to the supplier

Findapart.co.uk will not be involved in or held responsible for any further dealings between the supplier and the supplier's customer. The supplier will furnish their own computer and accessories necessary to access the Internet including Internet Service Providers and E-mail facilities.

Text Activation

Text Activated Part requests are instantly activated and sent to our breakers. Our customers find that text activated requests recieve a quicker response. To Activate your request by SMS you must text the word 'part' to 82023 from the Mobile phone number supplied on the request form. This incurs a one time charge of £5.00


In the event that you choose to purchase a part from any of our registered dealers, please ensure that you take details of their company name, telephone number and the name of the person you have been dealing with.

Findapart.co.uk will not be held responsible for parts which are ordered and paid for but fail to arrive, or for parts supplied which are faulty, or not of merchantable quality or do not meet the description given. Findapart.co.uk advise all customers to pay only by recognised credit cards and not cash.

All suppliers who register with Findapart.co.uk and use the service provided will automatically become listed as members on the Findapart.co.uk suppliers list. Payments to Findapart.co.uk for (membership) subscription fees will be in advance of the service(s) provided. Findapart.co.uk will invoice all members/suppliers on the 1st of the month preceding the supply of service(s). Payment by cheque will be required within seven days to ensure the member /supplier remains on the list of registered suppliers.

Any payment not received more than thirty days after the first day of the month in which service(s) is/are provided will result in the member/suppliers' name being removed from the Findapart.co.uk suppliers list until such time as the amount due is paid to Findapart.co.uk.

Findapart.co.uk will accept regular payments of subscription fees by Bankers Standing Order and will provide the relevant documentation for this arrangement if requested.

Payment of subscription fees signifies an acceptance and agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Governing Law

The client, the customer and the supplier shall hold the agent harmless in and from all claims, liabilities, damages and detriments not arising from the agent's actual negligence or malfeasance. The client, customer and supplier irrevocably covenant, promise and agree to hold the agent harmless from and against all losses, claims, expenses, suits, damages, costs, demands or liabilities, joint or several, of whatever kind or nature that the client, customer or supplier may experience as a result of using the services of the agent.

This includes but is not limited to acts of god or nature, fires, strikes, floods, riots, power outages, telecommunication outages, ISP downtime and/or offline time, interfering requirements or regulations of government, civil or military authority. Delays or non-performance excused by this provision shall not excuse payment of any amount owed to Findapart.co.uk at the time of the occurrence.