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Use Findapart.co.uk’s online used C3 Black Roof Strips search and search our network of C3 Black Roof Strips suppliers for used C3 Black Roof Strips and spares delivered direct to your door. Our national network of specialist C3 breakers and used parts suppliers supply all Black Roof Strips from recently broken stock vehicles.
Findapart.co.uk is the longest running online used C3 Black Roof Strips database and offers some of the lowest priced Black Roof Strips available in the UK.

Established Since 1999 we have become the industry leader in sourcing used parts for all Citroen models.

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Spares we can locate include Engines, Bonnets, Alloy Wheels, Headlamps, Seat Belts, Seats, Bumpers, Gearboxes, Wing Mirrors, Body Panels, Drive Shafts, Cylinder Heads, Radiators, ECU's, Body Kits and Accessories. Sellnet Ltd (Findapart.co.uk) has a network of breakers including Ford Breakers, Renault Breakers, Vauxhall Breakers, BMW Breakers, 4x4 Breakers, French Breakers, Japanese Breakers, Salvage Yards, Motor Salvage, Autos Salvage.

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Established since 1999, we have become the industry leader in sourcing used Black Roof Stripss for Citroen C3s.

Our Citroen specialist breakers & dismantlers can have your Citroen used parts delivered to your door the following day, ready to fit to your vehicle. Whether you need any part from a complete Citroen engine or even a cheap Citroen gearbox, all Citroen parts are available through our Citroen dismantlers at the lowest prices in the UK. Simply submit one form and wait for each of our supplying Citroen parts specialists to call with the UK's cheapest online Citroen used spares quotes.

About Citroen

Perhaps the widest know of all French auto manufacturers Citroen came to be in 1919 under the auspices of Andre Gustave Citroen. He was the French equivalent of Henry Ford with mass production assembly lines and sales and service networks throughout Europe and like Ford he was a great publicist who even used The Eiffel Tower to create the worlds biggest advertising display. Over ambitiousness paid its price in 1933/4 and financial ruin was tyre company and major creditors’ Michelins fortune creating the Traction Avant Type 7. And today Citroen has nearly 14,000 employees The company logo is based on the teeth of gears and it positions itself as “Creative Technologie” always wanting to be innovative and in that context I’m sure lots of people will remember the (hydro pneumatic) self levelling suspension system where drivers had to wait patiently for the car to become upright before setting off… that revolution started in 1954 with Europe’s first disc brakes to follow a year later on the DS model. The DS range is still produced today with current DS3 DS4 and DS5 premium series cars making the Citroen legend live on…

About the Citroen C3

The Citroën C3 is a supermini car with a range of inline-4 engines that has been produced by the French automaker Citroën since 2002. It was designed by Donato Coco and Jean-Pierre Ploué, previously known for designing the Renault Twingo; the former has been the head of the Citroën design team since 1999. A mini MPV version of the C3 was announced in July 2008, called C3 Picasso, unveiled at the Mondial de l'Automobile 2008 and went on sale in early 2009 across Europe.

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