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Use Findapart.co.uk’s online used A4 Avant parts search and search our network of A4 Avant parts suppliers for used A4 Avant parts and spares delivered direct to your door. Our national network of specialist A4 Avant breakers and used parts suppliers supply all parts from recently broken stock vehicles.
Findapart.co.uk is the longest running online used A4 Avant parts database and offers some of the lowest priced parts available in the UK.

Established Since 1999 we have become the industry leader in sourcing used parts for all Audi models.

Our Audi used parts system instantly alerts all Audi breakers of your parts request, enabling them to offer a quick and efficient response for your Audi parts, usually within minutes.

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Spares we can locate include Engines, Bonnets, Alloy Wheels, Headlamps, Seat Belts, Seats, Bumpers, Gearboxes, Wing Mirrors, Body Panels, Drive Shafts, Cylinder Heads, Radiators, ECU's, Body Kits and Accessories. Sellnet Ltd (Findapart.co.uk) has a network of breakers including Ford Breakers, Renault Breakers, Vauxhall Breakers, BMW Breakers, 4x4 Breakers, French Breakers, Japanese Breakers, Salvage Yards, Motor Salvage, Autos Salvage.

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Established since 1999, we have become the industry leader in sourcing used partss for Audi A4 Avants.

Our Audi specialist breakers & dismantlers can have your Audi used parts delivered to your door the following day, ready to fit to your vehicle. Whether you need any part from a complete Audi engine or even a cheap Audi gearbox, all Audi parts are available through our Audi dismantlers at the lowest prices in the UK. Simply submit one form and wait for each of our supplying Audi parts specialists to call with the UK's cheapest online Audi used spares quotes.

About Audi

As DCI Gene Hunt (Phillip Glenister) may say, “I know what car I want to chase some scumbag in… fire up the Quattro” 25th April 1910 was when Audi came into existence, that day in Zwickau it became a registered company in registrations court. The Audi name comes from the Latin to hear or listen as a mark of respect for its’ founder August Horch (the German verb to hear is Horen) who in his own right was a car manufacturer and later become production manager for Karl Benz and here’s the link… Audi used to be owned by Daimler-Benz and are now, virtually 99%, by Volkswagen since 1966. Audi are based in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt – the original headquarters and site of the Auto Union. VWs’ first car for the brand was the F103 series. Audi is today known for its’ DRLs – daytime running lights which they started in 2006 with unique shaped LED’s - some say they are a trademark in their own right And as for sales? Well currently China is one of the key marketing areas for Audi as most government officials and high-ranking statesmen and women drive them.

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