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Use Findapart.co.uk’s online used Car Gearbox (6sp Auto) search and search our network of Car Gearbox (6sp Auto) suppliers for used Car Gearbox (6sp Auto) and spares delivered direct to your door. Our national network of specialist Car breakers and used parts suppliers supply all Gearbox (6sp Auto) from recently broken stock vehicles.
Findapart.co.uk is the longest running online used Car Gearbox (6sp Auto) database and offers some of the lowest priced Gearbox (6sp Auto) available in the UK.

Established Since 1999 we have become the industry leader in sourcing used parts for all Honda models.

Our Honda used parts system instantly alerts all Honda breakers of your parts request, enabling them to offer a quick and efficient response for your Honda parts, usually within minutes.

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Spares we can locate include Engines, Bonnets, Alloy Wheels, Headlamps, Seat Belts, Seats, Bumpers, Gearboxes, Wing Mirrors, Body Panels, Drive Shafts, Cylinder Heads, Radiators, ECU's, Body Kits and Accessories. Sellnet Ltd (Findapart.co.uk) has a network of breakers including Ford Breakers, Renault Breakers, Vauxhall Breakers, BMW Breakers, 4x4 Breakers, French Breakers, Japanese Breakers, Salvage Yards, Motor Salvage, Autos Salvage.

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Established since 1999, we have become the industry leader in sourcing used Gearboxs for Honda Cars.

Our Honda specialist breakers & dismantlers can have your Honda used parts delivered to your door the following day, ready to fit to your vehicle. Whether you need any part from a complete Honda engine or even a cheap Honda gearbox, all Honda parts are available through our Honda dismantlers at the lowest prices in the UK. Simply submit one form and wait for each of our supplying Honda parts specialists to call with the UK's cheapest online Honda used spares quotes.

About Honda

Honda Motor Company Well I think we all know Honda as one of the worlds’ greatest motorcycle manufacturers But founder Soichiro Honda loved cars too. One of his first jobs was a mechanic in a tune-up shop. He famously sold pistons to Toyota by pawning his wife’s jewelry to get the R&D correct and strapped a small 2 cycle engine to his bicycle because his car was too expensive to run due to petrol rationings during World War II. One by one folks saw this bike and wanted one. He wrote to 18,000 bicycle shop owners to gain capital for his motorcycle. The Honda Cub was created from this early idea and the Honda Motor Company was born. The T360. a 356cc petrol engine pick up truck rolled off the production line and went on sale in August 1963 –the first automobile product with a chain driven S500 sports car following in October. Minato, Tokyo, Japan is Honda HQ and they dominate the small to mid size fuel-efficient marketplace. Success comes with factory flexibility e.g. retooling and speed of production as each factory can produce demand led products. Names like Prelude, Civic, Accord, CR-V and Insight - the hybrid electric vehicle have all left their mark or are competing for market share to prove the Honda Power of Dreams.

About Gearboxs

A transmission or gearbox provides speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device using gear ratios. The most common use is in motor vehicles, where the transmission adapts the output of the internal combustion engine to the drive wheels. Such engines need to operate at a relatively high rotational speed, which is inappropriate for starting, stopping, and slower travel. The transmission reduces the higher engine speed to the slower wheel speed, increasing torque in the process. Transmissions are also used on pedal bicycles, fixed machines, and anywhere else rotational speed and torque needs to be adapted.

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